Love is Courtship

Love is Courtship…Why I started Love is Courtship?

Posted on: January 23, 2012


Why did I start Love is Courtship? Honestly, because I have been heartbroken and I see so many heartbroken people in society, young people are searching for love the wrong way and people are not taught how to treat each other even in marriage. I believe that true God centred courtship is 100% guaranteed to last and that’s why I started Love is Courtship.

The divorce rate is rapidly growing and the main reason I believe it is so is because people are not taught to treat the opposite sex as another person’s wife or husband until they meet the person God has pre-destined for them. Many are not taught to fight for purity and self-control. Most young people are into dating, others believe in arranged marriages and many don’t even want to get married due to past relationships and fear but keep all the benefits of marriage. I believe you can marry the wrong person. Yes, anyone can, even a christian can marry the wrong person. If you marry the wrong person God can restore and can still make your marriage successful…but do you want to marry the wrong person? No, no-one does, so learn what real courtship is all about.

Courtship is not just treating each other nice for awhile, having sex after marriage and then that’s it…no it is so much more. Courtship is a never ending cycle that continues through your life and onto your children and their children…it is generational. Courtship starts with your heart and asking God who am I meant to be with for the rest of your life? Courtship is about letting go of control and trusting God that He will help any man find and pursue the right woman, and women will wait until the man finds them.

That sounds like a fairytale…well why are there so many fairytales around and why are stories of the Prince rescuing a Princess so popular? Why do we love super hero’s and villian stories? Because God designed it that way and He is writing your story if you will trust Him and not take control yourself….listen to your heart for God whispers your name.


8 Responses to "Love is Courtship…Why I started Love is Courtship?"

I just liked your facebook page. Thank you for so many encouraging motivational posts. It is something that the world really needs and that I myself as a single woman appreciate. 🙂

Please be careful using the phrase “100% guaranteed” when speaking of courtship. This magic wand mentality has given many young people a false hope that if they biblically court, remain pure until marriage, and follow biblical principals of gender roles they will not experince the same marriage issues as other couples. This is not true and it is very unfair to mislead young people. Courtship IS the best way to conduct dating. Courtship is biblical. It IS right to remain pure until marriage, but all that insures is that you will keep a good testimony during that phase of your life and you will not likely get pregnant before marriage. It does not mean your spouse can NOT have a complete change of heart many years down the road and make bad choices. I am personally aquainted with young women who invested all of their heart and soul into biblical courtship and biblical standards of womanhood only to be cheated on and divorced years down the road with a house full of children they are now trying to homeschool and support all alone. Courtship is Biblical, but it is not magic. All relationships are a risk and require faith in God. Please be honest with young people in your posts. When dealing with human beings NOTHING is 100% guaranteed.

the way you explained everything makes my day a little bit better

> “The divorce rate is rapidly growing…”

Divorce rates (In the USA, and worldwide) are falling. From 4.0 divorces per 1000 total population to 3.6 per 1000 in the past decade.


Hey, thanks! Keep going! Praying for you!

Thank you, a million times over, for your ministry that helps us all to believe in Love again.

I hear you. The many reason why also so many of them failed it is because they fail to do it God’s way. Our minds are so processed in the world ways that it the majority (seemly) don’t know proper steps to courtship.

Hello…just wanted to say your work is full of blessings. ..I wish all who read your posts see the light in your messages. ..especially thise in need.
Keep up the great work. Sometimes I translate into Spanish some of your posts and share them in my Facebook for others to read and hopefully find true blessings in the message.
God bless you and your efforts to try and help others.
BTW…I am one those who can say out loud that I have found life lasting love in my marriage through Gods will.

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